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It’s no surprise that freelance web developers are in constant demand in this day and age when almost every company, organisation, or business has its own website. In addition to this, with the growth of digital-ready businesses, e-commerce, and digitized remote work spaces due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be more opportunities for those interested in web development.

What exactly does this profession entail? A web developer is someone who specializes in designing websites and web applications using coding languages and other web technologies. Essentially, he or she is responsible for building the website from scratch, managing its functionalities, implementing its features, as well as integrating security measures.

Although the exact skills needed for a given job vary by company, the overall skill set is pretty similar. Having said that, if you’re looking to make it as a freelance web developer, you may be on the right path: More and more companies are now outsourcing talent, which could mean more work for you, too.

Are you ready to take on the web? In order to succeed as a freelance web developer, you need these five skills.

  1. Solid HTML and CSS skills

To build a website, web developers need HTML and CSS knowledge. HTML and CSS are the building blocks of a website. HTML or HyperText Markup Language, a.k.a. the most widely used markup language online, is used to construct web pages, while CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is used to style and design them. With just these two, you can already create a basic website.

The good news is that you can get solid working knowledge of either of these in just a few weeks or through a short course. Learning and practicing are crucial to mastery, so it’s important to keep learning and improving. For further advancement, you may also want to study JavaScript, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and back-end web development.

  1. Understanding of UX

It’s not just the content and aesthetics of a website that matter; the user experience or UX is also important. A good web developer must not only possess technical skills, but also have a good understanding of the user’s needs, motivations, and habits. In order to provide the best user experience, which is ideally the goal of every website, this understanding is essential.

  1. Ability to follow and learn new trends

New innovations and technologies are born every minute in the digital realm. So, web developers need to constantly stay on top of their game, ready to learn new coding languages and employ new programming techniques, as the need arises.

  1. Organisational skills

It can be very demanding and chaotic in the world of web development, with never-ending deadlines, constant revisions, and inevitable glitches. Having organizational skills, such as effective project management and time management, can make work more efficient and productive.

  1. Good communication skills.

The job of web developers involves plenty of communication since they work with clients and users. You must learn how to engage in collaborative discussions so that you can come up with a product that’s truly aligned with the client’s or user’s needs and preferences.

As the world continues to go digital, it’s all good news for freelance web developers as it seems everyone needs a web expert these days. Just keep in mind that, as with any profession that requires you to create something, you’re only as good as your last work. To ensure success, commit to continuously learn and never stop expanding your skillset.

web design agency singapore
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