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Complex Web Design Challenges

complex web design

Is web designing a straightforward job? Well, despite the presence of numerous website builders that make it appear easy to create a professional-looking website, the truth is that producing an exceptional website requires years of experience, meticulous thought processes, and strategic decision-making skills. These challenges are best tackled by a skilled and highly experienced web designer.

Web design encompasses a multitude of considerations, and dilemmas can arise in various areas throughout the project. This complexity intensifies the decision-making process, demanding expertise and a deep understanding of web design principles.

In essence, while website builders offer convenience, achieving a truly outstanding website necessitates the involvement of a proficient and seasoned web designer who can navigate the challenges and deliver a result that surpasses expectations.

One of the most common dilemmas in web design revolves around managing the expectations of various stakeholders involved.

Clients, especially when they are represented by a team rather than an individual, often have ever-changing design needs and expectations.

When creative or branding agencies are involved, they may come up with highly imaginative ideas that might not prioritize user-friendliness.

The challenge lies in stakeholders failing to grasp that websites primarily serve as a means for visitors, clients, and leads to access information.

This dilemma arises unless the strategic intention is solely to create an impression for a specific audience. In most cases, websites are intended to provide targeted visitors with relevant information.

It is essential to remember that clients are not solely swayed by the fanciness of a website. Normal website visitors typically seek two things: information about what you offer and whether they can trust your brand.

In many instances, a good website does not need excessive extravagance. Instead, it should maintain a professional appearance and provide helpful information that guides visitors through their decision-making process.

However, for large and established brands, investing in websites with more elaborate designs may be justified, even if it compromises some aspects of usability. This is due to two reasons:

  1. Established brands have already established a level of trust with their web visitors, reducing the need for extensive trust-building efforts.
  2. Web users visiting such websites are often highly motivated to find specific information, even if it requires more effort to locate. They are willing to invest additional time and effort to obtain the desired information.

In conclusion, the dilemma in web design lies in managing the expectations of stakeholders while balancing the need for creativity, user-friendliness, and the core purpose of providing relevant information to targeted visitors.

A good website is characterized by having up-to-date information and being consistently maintained by trained personnel.

The dilemma arises when developers have to decide how a website should be developed, even in the case of a WordPress website.

complex web design


From a developer’s perspective, opting for custom coding, such as a WordPress website powered by Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), can result in a blazing fast and less error-prone website. However, this approach may limit the client’s control over updates.

If clients require any design changes or updates to the website’s elements, they would need to constantly rely on developers for even simple updates.

To address this issue, Page Builders can be employed. These tools allow non-technical users to make straightforward updates and modify design elements at a non-template level.

However, some developers are cautious about using Page Builders due to potential code bloat and the risk of conflicts with other plugins.

The key lies in deciding which aspect holds greater importance. Is it prioritizing developer control and optimization through custom coding, or empowering clients with the ability to make simple updates and design changes using Page Builders?

web design agency singapore
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