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How to be a web designer

how to be web designer

Before embarking on your journey to become a web designer, it is crucial to understand the diverse ecosystem of web designers within the industry.

Similarly, if you are seeking the services of web designers, it’s essential to recognize that the industry is a diverse and open-source ecosystem. Consequently, there are various types of providers who offer unique methodologies to their clients.

By understanding the specific type of web designer you are dealing with, you will be equipped to make a more informed decision when engaging their services.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a web designer, exploring the following types of web designers will provide you with valuable insights on the various paths you can choose.

1 .Web Designer: WordPress Configurators

This group of web designers may not possess an in-depth understanding of coding or design principles.

Their expertise lies in proficiently installing WordPress, selecting premium themes and plugins from WordPress marketplaces, and utilizing them to deliver comprehensive solutions to their clients.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, as long as the process remains transparent to all parties involved. It is advantageous for WordPress Configurators to have some knowledge of HTML and CSS. This enables them to “reverse engineer” and modify themes to customize the appearance according to their clients’ requirements.

2. Web Designer: Pure Designers

Pure designers excel in graphic design and possess expertise in design software such as Adobe Photoshop or WebFlow.

Their primary services revolve around logo designs and brochure designs.

When it comes to web design, they typically provide clients with web mockups in PSD (Photoshop) format before proceeding with the actual website implementation.

While some rare individuals in this category have the knowledge to convert their designs into HTML/CSS/JavaScript front-end code, not all of them are proficient in doing so.

In cases where a WordPress website is desired, some may not possess a deep understanding of WordPress’s architecture to fully utilize the CMS’s features. They may need to collaborate with more technically inclined WordPress engineers to translate their designs into functional WordPress themes.

how to be web designer


Design takes precedence for this group of web designers, placing it above other considerations.

3. Web Designer: Hardcore Developers

There is a distinct group of developers who specialize in advanced programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and NodeJS. They are known for their hardcore approach to development.

These developers are particularly well-suited for creating customized web applications that align with your specific requirements. However, their focus may not be on creating websites that fulfill your strategic intentions.

Due to their specialization, these developers may not delve extensively into WordPress, which can limit their ability to harness the full potential of the platform.

In terms of technical development skills, they are likely to possess a higher level of technical expertise compared to WordPress Engineers.

If you require a customized application that extends WordPress functionality within an external web application platform, a combination of a hardcore developer and a WordPress Engineer would be an ideal solution.

web design agency singapore
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