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How web design affects SEO?

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Understanding that effective web design goes beyond visual aesthetics is crucial.

A successful website isn’t merely one that appears visually appealing. Instead, it’s a website that effectively meets the information requirements of users, providing a seamless experience.

The underlying code of a website is analyzed by Google bots, enabling Google to comprehend its content. Subsequently, Google Analytics tracks the website to understand how users engage with the information and their overall experience.

Furthermore, as Google strives to be more human-like, the algorithms utilized by the bots will develop a capacity for human thinking.

Hence, the ultimate objective is to design a website that appeals to humans while being easily comprehensible to bots.

The more your website design facilitates a pleasant information consumption experience, the greater the likelihood of achieving a higher search engine ranking.

In our fast-paced era, speed is a paramount expectation. This principle extends to websites too. If your website takes too long to load, people will quickly lose patience and navigate away.

Google conducted a study on the loading speeds of mobile web pages, revealing that as the page load time increased from 1 second to 3 seconds, the likelihood of a visitor bouncing (leaving the site) increased by 32%. This probability triples when the load time reaches 5 seconds, and beyond that point, it is almost certain that the visitor will depart.

The implementation of a mobile-first index has made having a mobile site essential for your website’s ranking.

On March 26, 2018, Google began giving priority to mobile versions of web pages when it comes to indexing and ranking.

This change was prompted by Google’s recognition that the majority of people now conduct searches on mobile devices. Often, search results would display content from the desktop version of a website, which might not be accessible on the mobile version.

web design seo


This situation led to significant confusion and frustration among users.

When it comes to websites, structured data refers to the backend coding that provides Google with information about the nature of each data element.

This enables Google bots to accurately index and display the information you intend to present to individuals searching for your website.

For instance, if structured data is implemented correctly, Google bots will extract your business phone number and display it in the designated field within the search results.

However, if structured data is improperly implemented, you might encounter situations where your postal code appears as your phone number. This can be frustrating for users who are attempting to contact you.

To assess whether Google comprehends your website’s structured data, you can employ Google’s structured data testing tool.

web design agency singapore
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