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The average website speed for loading is in less than thirty seconds. Your potential customer will not return if it loads more than that. The death of a brand is caused by a slow website. To convert your viewers into customers, you must improve your site loading time, no matter what platform you have. Slowing down your site is due to the following factors:


Ads are not desired by viewers. However, it is crucial for maximizing revenue on your website. Ad campaigns aren’t entirely mistakes. Publishers shouldn’t abandon the ad revenue model altogether. There are definitely other business models that can be more lucrative and have a lesser impact on your readers, but when ads are the core piece of your revenue, it can be difficult to switch without major strategic changes. Keep it minimal to avoid distracting your viewers. There are a variety of ad providers out there, most of whom are highly reputable and keep their ad servers optimized. You should be picky if you are going to manage your own ads.


Data bandwidth refers to how much data your Internet connection can transmit; the more bandwidth you have, the more data you can load simultaneously. It is best to design a website that performs quickly on low-bandwidth connections and reduces external requests. All connection types and bandwidth limits are supported, ensuring a fast page load time. Lightboxes can be used for your videos. First of all, this will eliminate unnecessary server requests and speed up your site. Only when the video is actually played will these requests be made. When your video opens in a fullscreen lightbox, your visitor won’t be distracted.


A website’s load time is largely influenced by images. It will take a long time for a large image to load. You actually add extra load time to your website if you have a lot of large images. Your stock photo website may allow you to download smaller versions of your images.


There are a couple of reasons why this is a problem. The more plugins you have, the more work your website has to do while loading. Second, not all plugins are created equal. Site performance can be drastically slowed down by poor or outdated plugins. Identify which plugins you actually need by evaluating your current ones.d of multiple plugins that perform the same functions, plugins that you’re no longer using, and those that were created more than 5 years ago and have never been updated.


It will take longer for your server to respond if its performance is poor. You will always start slowly if your server is slow, no matter how fast everything else is. It is almost always your web host’s fault that your server performs poorly. Cheap web hosts usually give you a shared server, which means you will share space and resources with many other websites. The reason your site is slow is that there are a lot of other sites in the queue with you.


Choosing a theme for your website isn’t just about aesthetics. Users look for many aspects when choosing a product. A common and most important aspect is speed. Websites that take a long time to load are not popular. The user experience of a slow-loading and slow-performing website is poor. Your visitors may not visit your website again if it takes too long to load.

web design agency singapore
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