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Web Design Checklist for all Marketers and Business Owners

Having worked on both the client-end and now an agency providing services to the client, we understand the importance of having a web design checklist before any project get started. This web design checklist should only be a reference point and guide for everyone to expand further and to ask questions if this is sufficient.

Precise Design Requirements – A Web Design Checklist

Don’t be shy or afraid to share with your designer what are the websites you like and what you like about them. Often, clients are reluctant to share with their designers either because they want their designers to unleash their creativity or they are afraid of replicating an existing design. The truth is, letting your web designer know early the style and formatting you prefer would actually reduce and prevent any unwanted and unnecessary delays in the project.

Graphic Design and Digital Images – A Web Design Checklist

Having all your assets kept properly in folders and ready to be zipped and sent to your web designer is actually a great way to show professionalism to the vendors and partners you are working with, in return demand the same way to be treated. On the contrary, sending your web designers or developers over various emails and several days hint to them that they too can deliver piecemeal and unprofessional services to you. Always set the tone right straight from the beginning of the project.

web design checklist singapore

Brand Guidelines – A Web Design Checklist

Your web designer has probably just learnt about your brand and business for less than a few weeks. It is always necessary to provide all dos and don’ts and ensure they fully understand the rules of your brand’s communications, especially if time is critical for your project.

Budget and Deadlines – A Web Design Checklist

We are all guilty of “No budget really, can you quote us first?”. After working with clients for a decade, we realised this is actually the beginning of a nightmare project. If you budgeted $10K, tell your web designer its $10K and asked him to work to the full potential. If you only have $500, be honest and let them decide if they can deliver worthwhile work with that amount. You would not like it if someone walks into your restaurant and start haggling with you the price of your menu.
Be sure to also set milestones and deadlines in your web design checklist, ensure both parties understand and commit to it.

web design checklist singapore

Content – A Web Design Checklist

We’ve encountered countless occasions where clients think they can get away for not being prepared with content for their websites. They often procrastinate and hold until every page of the website is ready before deciding it is time to generate or put together the content for the pages. The hard truth is, design with the absence of content is merely just a decoration. If you expect your web designer to create a website without any content, often, the design would be meaningless to the eventual content you will be providing to them. Having all your content ready and approved will produce a more impactful marketing effect.

Summary For Web Design Checklist

If you are already an experienced marketer, we will be sharing an extended version of this web design checklist in the coming weeks. Do check back for more useful web design articles.

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