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Simple Steps To Help You Achieve The Best SEO Website Results

As a website agency, one of the most common questions asked by clients is, “DOES IT INCLUDE SEO?”. The truth is, to achieve the best SEO website results, there’s plenty of dedication, effort, and resources involved, and more than often, it is not a one-time effort that could be bundled with any website design and development services.
The good news is, if your budget does not permit you to hire a professional SEO consultant to do the job for you, there are some very basic work you can do-it-yourself to achieve results. Although the results may vary from just climbing a few spots to a few pages, depending on the competitiveness of keywords and the consistency of your efforts.
Here, we would like to share some of the few key areas you should look out for and take actions to ensure you achieve the best SEO website result possible.

1. Mobile Responsive Web Design – Best SEO Website

Since 2017, Google began to place gradual emphasis into websites offering good mobile experience. With the latest game changer was an algorithm change in July 2018, where Google will start to penalise websites without a good mobile experience for their users. Meaning, if your website is not optimised for viewing on mobile phones and tablets, precious points that define your rank on search engines can be taken away from you, and for new websites, it will be even harder to get onto any decent rank or page. A recent report by Business News Daily even stated penalties by Google for slow loading mobile sites.
Although this is something most marketers or business owners won’t be able to fix easily, you can, however, place great emphasis on your web designers managing your next website re-design.

2. Ensuring A SSL Certificate For Your Website – Best SEO Website

To simply what is an SSL certificate, it’s short for secure socket layer certificate and it functions as a security system between the website host and the end user browser system. It ensures data sent between both parties are encrypted and not easily stolen by third parties.
Google first introduced SSL secured websites as a reference for rating the websites ranking back in 2014 with very nominal impact but started to strengthened this indicator over the years and most recently this year (2018), it has become a major factor on how well one website ranks. Almost every highly competitive keyword websites are SSL equipped. This ensures its users of the search engine does not end up at a malicious-filled website that might backfire its quality service of directing its users using their search engines.
Check on your current website hosting provider if your website is already activated. If not, most reputable hosting companies should be offering it as a part of their value-add or with an additional nominal fee for activating an SSL certificate for your website.
Additional read on Quora:

3. Website Content Generation – Best SEO Website

Gone are the days where you insert tons of meta tags and keywords to your web pages and wait for Google to start ranking your website on page one. Quality content that users would actually be interested in is what Google require for your website to start ranking well. Be creative and start asking yourself questions like “if I was a user on this website, what content would I be interested in reading?”. The good news is, you do not need to throw in tons of content, instead, what is crucial would be a consistent schedule of informative, interesting and readable articles that humans would actually want to read!
best seo website singapore 2018
If writing is not your thing, there are plenty of agencies that offer content generation, content development as part of their service offerings.

4. Off Page Works

So you think the job ends after you’ve cleaned up and put in plenty of good content right? Truth is, work has just begun. Apart from picking up data and information on your own website, Google also scans through the whole of the internet to understand what is your site’s reputation to the rest of the internet. The more external pages you are mentioned or hyperlinked at, the stronger your reputation is. For a start, jump on to as many social media channels as time permits you to. This is a starting point for Google to differentiate if you are a reputable website or a dubious “here-today-gone-tomorrow” scam site. Re-purpose those content you wrote for your website on these social media channels. For the advanced writers, look out for guest writing and blogging opportunities in return for a link back to your site. Before you waste any effort guest writing for external sites, use a Domain Authority checker ( to find out how well Google rates the site. The higher the rating, the better for your SEO efforts.

5. Webpage Speed – Best SEO Website

Nobody wants to stay on a page that is loading slower than that pot of lamb stew in the oven. Web page speed has always been one of the top indicators on how well your website rank and this indicator will continue as long as you will be using the internet. There are up to a thousand ways on how to reduce the loading time of your website and every single way is critical. For starters, having images optimised for web viewing is almost the simplest and most dummy way. Ensure your images are nothing more than 72dpi for your website. If you require users to download high-quality images, provide a separate downloading link instead. On a more advanced level, minifying your PHP and CSS files and subscribing to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) also significantly reduces the loading time for your web pages. To find out how your current website is performing: .

Summary – Best SEO Website

Standard SEO agencies can charge between of S$800 to S$2,000 monthly for running an SEO campaign for you through a period of at least 6 months to deliver SEO website results. This is before any set-up fees to ensure your website is already SEO-friendly. Phenomenon Consulting is a boutique agency that only works on what is necessary for you and we can easily help you save up to 50% of that cost and achieve your target in a shorter time frame. Speak to us if you would like to find out how we can help you achieve better rankings and generate interest and leads through your website.

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